Season of Docs: Week 2

 Week 2

Hi everyone,

I must say this has been a busy week for me, due to a variety of issues that don’t have all that much to do with this project; my computer died, and we (pretty much) sold our boat - so I’ve been working on a borrowed laptop while packing to move! Nevertheless, I managed to stay mostly on track for this week:

•  I updated the Launcher page with fresh screenshots and some other minor edits.

•  I spent a bit of time making the global and general settings pages more correct, and more understandable. Thanks to @criezy and @NMIError for your help with the graphics and audio settings.

•  I added all the configuration file keywords to the global/game settings pages.

•  I redesigned the Configuration file page, with every keyword linked to the appropriate section and description in the global/game settings pages. I’m not 100% sure yet how I feel about this way of presenting this information (nor is the page 100% done). If anyone has any feedback, ideas or objections, please let me know!

My plan for the next couple of weeks:

Week 3:

Using ScummVM:

•   Keyboard shortcuts  - Figure out the best way to present this information

•   Controls - Probably not much to go into this page right now, but once other port information is added this page will expand.

Advanced Options:

•  Configuration file - Fine tune how this information is presented, add some information about where to find the file etc.

•  Graphics - First draft.

•  Command line interface - Edit to improve readability/usability.

Week 4:

Using ScummVM:

•  Cloud and LAN - First draft. 

Advanced Options:

•  Audio - A deeper dive into how this all works; first draft. I feel like this one might take a bit of time. 

If time permits:


•  FAQ - First draft

As always, work-in-progess documentation is available to view at

See you on Discord, 



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