Season of Docs: Week 5

I’ve had a very productive week, now that my personal life has calmed down a bit. I added v2.2.0 information, and finished off the audio and graphics pages. I also created first drafts of the new “saving and loading games” page, as well as contacts, bug reporting, known problems, games notes and copy protection pages.
A catch up with @Mataniko this morning has been very helpful to determine the path forward for the rest of the project, now that the bulk of the information is there. We spoke about what belongs in the documentation, and what doesn’t - and it was decided that things like “Games notes” from the readme, which I experimented with this week, will remain in the wiki, or will be added to the wiki if not there already. 
We also spoke about the user experience when navigating the documentation, so for the next week or two I will be tweaking the structure to make sure that the user gets the best possible outcome:
Week 6Re-arranging the docs :•  The settings pages as they are now hav…

Season of Docs: Week 4

It’s been a crazy week; sold the boat, moved in with my in-laws, found a rental, moved out of my in-laws’, and moved into the rental.  All in the space of about 4 days! I think it’s time for a nap!Nevertheless, I made a little progress this week, albeit not as much as I’d hoped:
•  I combined the install pages for Windows, Linux and Mac into one, at the suggestion of @Mataniko. I agree that this is a better way to do it.•  First, second and third drafts of the Audio page. By far this is the most confusing subject for me, and I am forever indebted to @NMIError (and everyone who contributed this week) for all the information and corrections! I spent a fair bit of time on this one, as predicted, and there is still some information missing. I will continue with this next week. •  First draft of the Cloud and LAN page.•  I took screenshots of the new v2.2 Launcher, although these are yet to be uploaded and changed on the Launcher/adding and playing games pages. I will most likely get this d…

Season of Docs: Week 3

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! Another week down.I’m mostly on track with my new timeline, this week:
•  Tidied up the configuration file, command line and keyboard shortcuts pages and formatted a lot of these keywords into tables.  
I ran into some difficulty here - turns out the Read the Docs theme has tables that are not responsive/do not use word wrapping, and instead have scroll bars on smaller screens. To enable word wrapping requires a custom css file, which in itself is easy enough to do (and works very well!), but apparently does not play nicely with the tabs extension...... I need to look into this issue a bit more and figure out a solution, because I do think the tables provide a nice way of displaying lists of information, provided they are formatted appropriately!
•  First draft of the graphics page. Thanks to @criezy for the work you already did on this in the wiki User Manual, as well as the information you gave me on Discord. The only thing missing from this at t…

Season of Docs: Week 2

Week 2

Hi everyone,
I must say this has been a busy week for me, due to a variety of issues that don’t have all that much to do with this project; my computer died, and we (pretty much) sold our boat - so I’ve been working on a borrowed laptop while packing to move! Nevertheless, I managed to stay mostly on track for this week:
•  I updated the Launcher page with fresh screenshots and some other minor edits.•  I spent a bit of time making the global and general settings pages more correct, and more understandable. Thanks to @criezy and @NMIError for your help with the graphics and audio settings.•  I added all the configuration file keywords to the global/game settings pages.•  I redesigned the Configuration file page, with every keyword linked to the appropriate section and description in the global/game settings pages. I’m not 100% sure yet how I feel about this way of presenting this information (nor is the page 100% done). If anyone has any feedback, ideas or objections, please let m…

Season of Docs: Week 1

Well it’s nice to officially be underway! I’m happy to report that I’m ahead of my proposed timeline at the moment; some things that I expected to be time consuming have turned out to be pretty straightforward, and my proposal ended up with a lot more content in the prototype portal than I initially intended. All of which is to say that I’m very hopeful that this portal will be even more comprehensive than initially envisaged! A decision was made to focus (for now) on documentation for the more common ports - Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android - so that has been my focus this week. I have first drafts in place for  “Getting Started” documents for most of those ports, which cover how to install ScummVM as well as how to get the game files where they need to be. 
My somewhat revised timeline now looks like this for the next few weeks:
Week 1 (this week): Getting Started:Write draft install/quick start docs for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.
Week 2: Using ScummVM:•  The launcher - …


Well, there’s a first time for everything! This is officially my first blog post, and my first time participating in Google Season of Docs - and I couldn’t be more excited!
First, a little about me. 
My name is Cadi and I live in New Zealand, with my husband, on a 42ft yacht.  You will often find us away from the dock, anchored in a beautiful corner of the Hauraki Gulf.

In my spare time I love sailing (obviously!), hiking (or tramping, as we call it here), mountaineering, painting and travelling (when the world isn’t in the middle of a pandemic, of course). My favourite place in the world is Milford Sound, followed very closely by Disneyland.
I am a pilot by trade, and in the last 10 years I’ve flown everything from 2-seater Cessnas in outback Australia, to the Boeing 737 on international operations. 
So... you might be wondering exactly how I got into technical writing in the first place? 
A few years ago I was asked to rewrite an entire suite of Operating Manuals for the company I was work…