Season of Docs: Week 3

 Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! Another week down.

I’m mostly on track with my new timeline, this week:

•  Tidied up the configuration file, command line and keyboard shortcuts pages and formatted a lot of these keywords into tables.  

I ran into some difficulty here - turns out the Read the Docs theme has tables that are not responsive/do not use word wrapping, and instead have scroll bars on smaller screens. To enable word wrapping requires a custom css file, which in itself is easy enough to do (and works very well!), but apparently does not play nicely with the tabs extension...... I need to look into this issue a bit more and figure out a solution, because I do think the tables provide a nice way of displaying lists of information, provided they are formatted appropriately!

•  First draft of the graphics page. Thanks to @criezy for the work you already did on this in the wiki User Manual, as well as the information you gave me on Discord. The only thing missing from this at the moment is information around OpenGL, which I will admit I don’t have a full understanding of. I will ask some questions this coming week.

•  I did not do any work around control mapping - most likely this will find its way into the settings pages now, since Keymaps has its own settings tab in version 2.2.0.

Updated timeline for the next couple of weeks:

Week 4:

Using ScummVM:

•  Global/general settings - Update with version 2.2.0 Keymaps information.

•  Adding and playing games - Update with version 2.2.0 screenshots.

•  Launcher - Update with version 2.2.0 screenshots.

•  Cloud and LAN - First draft. 

Advanced Options:

•  Graphics - Add information about OpenGL

•  Audio - A deeper dive into how this all works; first draft. I feel like this one might take a bit of time!!

Week 5:

Using ScummVM:

•  Saving and loading games - I’ve decided to create a dedicated page for this; first draft


•  FAQ - first draft.

•  Known problems - first draft.

•  Reporting a bug - first draft.

•  Contacts

By the end of Week 5 (all going well) I should have the bulk of information in place, although there will still be significant work around fact-checking, proofreading, editing and so on. I anticipate this to be ongoing until the end of the project.  

Some next steps that were not in my original proposal would be a “Getting Involved” section with information around how to contribute to both code and documentation. I also want to revisit the port-specific information, and get as many ports documented as possible once everything else is in place. 

As always, documentation is available to view at

I love hearing from you and learning as much as I can, so keep it coming. If there’s anything you think is missing, please let me know and I’ll make sure to include it in the docs. 

See you on Discord,



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