Season of Docs: Week 4

It’s been a crazy week; sold the boat, moved in with my in-laws, found a rental, moved out of my in-laws’, and moved into the rental.  All in the space of about 4 days! I think it’s time for a nap!

Nevertheless, I made a little progress this week, albeit not as much as I’d hoped:

•  I combined the install pages for Windows, Linux and Mac into one, at the suggestion of @Mataniko. I agree that this is a better way to do it.

•  First, second and third drafts of the Audio page. By far this is the most confusing subject for me, and I am forever indebted to @NMIError (and everyone who contributed this week) for all the information and corrections! I spent a fair bit of time on this one, as predicted, and there is still some information missing. I will continue with this next week. 

•  First draft of the Cloud and LAN page.

•  I took screenshots of the new v2.2 Launcher, although these are yet to be uploaded and changed on the Launcher/adding and playing games pages. I will most likely get this done tonight.

My timeline for the next couple of weeks, which unfortunately has some carryover items:

Week 5

_Advanced Options:

•  Audio - add sections about output sample rate and using compressed audio files.

•  Graphics - add information about OpenGL  

•  Configuration file - I think there are some audio options missing here, add these and split into [scummvm] and [game] categories. 

Using ScummVM:

•  Global/game settings - add v2.2 keymaps information.

•  Saving and loading games - new page, first draft.

Week 6


•  FAQ - first draft.

•  Known problems - first draft.

•  Reporting a bug - first draft.

•  Contacts

Docs-in-progress are available at, merged docs at

Thanks for all your support and as always, see you on Discord.



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